Thursday, 2 August 2018

Books to movies- disastrous altering

What does a story justice are its characters, its details and the emotion it contains for everyone linked with it. What a book does is it connects to its readers. That’s what the best part of being a reader is, you get to live more than one life. Experiences teach us something and books get us experiences that people sometimes might not be able to.
Movies do the same thing except one might say they target a broader audience and a combination of the two just sounds heavenly. Reading a story and seeing it unfold in front you are two very different things and the second one sounds a lot better to most people.

Unfortunately, that is not how things work out 95% of the time. Movies do pick up the major events of a book but they surely do not do it justice. A character isn’t just built on major events to the story or what would get the maximum ratings, a character is built on every day incidents that are portrayed in the books. These seemingly insignificant events are actually what back the major events. Why did someone do this? Another way as to how the plot is twisted is to change the nuances of the very incident.

Movies based on books have always been a major outrage from the part of the fans. From the acclaimed Harry Potter movies taking away a lot of important parts from the plate of Ron Weasely to there being entire changes in the dynamic in the movies in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. The fact never changes.
Even in the movie adaptation of Eragon there are a lot of major events that were changed. First of all the events leading to Brom’s death and then the fact that Murgath wasn’t kidnapped at the end of the movie.

Now the truth is that using movies to depict a book or a series isn’t the wrong thing to do. It’s actually the correct idea. Movies do target a better audience and can actually portray what needs to be, but the editing of the basis isn’t the way to go about it. Fan demands for a TV show based on their favorite books seems to be a better way to go about it because then each episode can simply address the nuances of each episode better and a wider audience could still be targeted.

The fact of the matter is that books are connected to a reader’s soul, and that soul being violated is quite a painful experience. The only hope that the readers possess at this point in time is that as the sands of time flow the depictions will come closer to representing the actuality of their basis.

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