Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Writer's Block

To make it simple- Writer's block. One of the worst things to plague mankind.I had been sitting on the laptop for thirty minutes trying to write what I usually do- a short story. Turns out, not the day for on

So instead, gear up folks for we are going to talk about writer's block.Question 1. What is writer's block?Answer. Writer's block is the same thing that prevents you from answering a question in a test. Lack of inspiration and ideas. This is the wall that makes sure that you cannot get a single meaningful word on paper. Simply, it is something that will strike you when you don't expect it.
Question 2. Why do you get writer's block?Answer. Because the mind is a muscle, it needs exercise to be built, and you have been ignoring it for quite some time, you idiot. But frankly speaking, it is random. It's basically a sign that you're distracted.
Question 3. How do you get over it?Answer. You don't. It gets over you, till it comes back to haunt you like an allergy. For the moment, drop what you are doing and do something that helps you calm down. What it depends on person to person.I don't know but a lot of people tell me that irritating your siblings works quite well. I don't have any so do find out and tell me.

I guess that's for today. Why? You guessed it- Writer's Block

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